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Our wines make a statement of their Carneros heritage
while staying true to their varietal character.

The two wines that best symbolize the Carneros Appellation are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. These two great wines are also the primary grape varieties planted in Burgundy, France. Comparing wines from the two regions does a disservice to both! The differences don't indicate that one region's wine is superior to the other's, instead each region's wines should be celebrated for their unique qualities and their inherent stylistic differences.

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pinot noir|chardonnay

Bright, soft, refreshing, and balanced.

The Carneros Appellation has become one of the most celebrated wine growing regions in the United States for Chardonnay. Wineries across the Napa and Sonoma Valleys search out this fruit for it's unique flavors and depth. The Carneros Ranch Chardonnay carries the Carneros signature flavors of green apple and citrus with a touch of French oak to provide a rich, lingering, and mouth-filling texture that make our wines so enjoyable.

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